Japanese Swords



This is truely an outstanding sword with rare and wonderful koshirai. The 
blade has a 14 9/16" nagasa with strong gunome hamon in 100% polish. It 
is signed Bizen Osafune ju Sukesada Saku and was made during the Shinto
period, c.1750.  The koshirai is beautifully crafted. The shakudo tsuba is in
the form of dragons and waves.  The fuchi/kashira are made of shibuichi with
gold, copper and silver details depicting a sage with cranes and turtles.  The
menuki are of children with daikon and fish with gold onlay.  A Goto school
kodzuka of flying crane inexcellent detail and gold and silver accents. 
The kodzuka blade is signed and in fine condition.  It's saya is extremely
beautiful.  Small whorls of fine fiber are embedded in the lacquer finish.

Price:  $5,000.00  US