Japanese Swords



The blade has a 15 1/16" Nagasa and is a beautiful elegant koto period work
from about 1500 A.D.  Its hamon is ito suguba with lots of subtle activity. 
The polish is in 95% plus condition. The sword’s tang is O Suriagi .  The tang 
is signed by swordsmith Yoshihide ca. 1800 stating that prior to shortening 
this blade was signed Nobukumi.  This is a very interesting and valuable 
record of the sword’s history. The koshirai of this sword is excellent both 
in quality and condition.  It’s tsuba is of russet iron delicately carved with a
pine cone and needle design.  The fuchi/kashira are also of iron with highly
crafted black shakudo with Japanese beetle and spider motif.  Delicate details
are added in gold and silver.  The menuki are gold gilt in the form of snails.
This sword’s kodzuka is also of shakudo and gold depicting a detailed lobster.

Price:  $4,500.00 US