Japanese Swords



 This is an outstanding dagger of excellent condition and quality.  Itís blade 
has a 12 3/8" nagasa and is of hirasukuri form. This sword is in 100% polish. 
Itís tang is signed Yamashiro Nishijin junin Umetada Myoju Saku.  Mjoju is 
a very famous sword maker of the late koto and early shinto period. This 
blade was probably made by one of his students. This tantoís koshirai is
excellent, with a tsuba of russet iron with silver floral inlay.  The 
fuchi/kashira are shibuichi with a bird and garden motif.  The menuki are
shakudo and copper in the form of a finely detailed owl and songbird.
The saya is speckled red and brown smooth lacquer in fine condition. All 
that is needed to complete this koshirai is a kodzuka.

Price:  $4,000.00 US