Japanese Swords



 This excellent oversized dagger has a blade with 13" nagasa in wide 
hirazukari form.  Itís hada and hamon are very active and in the soshu 
province style.  It has small area of open grain in the steel, which is 
often seen in this type of sword.  The polish is about 90%.  The blade has 
a beautifully crafted silver covered habaki.  Its tang is mumei and ubu 
with one peg hole.  The koshirae is very elegant and of high quality.  The 
tsuba is russet iron with a fine black shakudo.  The superior quality Goto 
school fuchi / kaskira and kodzuka are all in suite, created in black shakudo
with a diakon motif with gold and silver details.  The menuki are also 
shakudo in dragon form.  The saya has a black stone ground lacquer surface 
in perfect condition.  This is an exceptionally high quality koshirae in 
wonderful condition.

Price:  $4,200.00 US