Japanese Armour



This is an excellent unsigned shinto period 24 plate kabuto.
The exterior surfaces of the iron are lacquered dark brown.
There are a few battle scares, areas of lacquer loss, which 
could be easily restored. However is looks fine in its original 
state.  The kabuto has a 5 lame neck defense with original silk 
lacing.  The top lames turn back, have gilted bronze family 
mons in the form of those used by the date family, daimyos of 
the northern Japanese province of Sendai. The related gilt 
copper maedate is in 6 star form, probably a related family of
the daimyo.  A 4 stage tehen tops the helmet.  The original lining is 
torn clearly showing the interior construction of the plates. 
All in all a wonderful early work.

Price:  $4,800.00 US